Tuesday - January 18, 2022

1:00 am UTC


Accessible Typography: Carie Fisher

Hosted by WordPress Accessibility Meetup

Join us as Carie Fisher explains the choices you can/should consider in an accessible visual presentation using text, such as font, color, contrast, size, column width, spacing, kerning, and more.

1:00 am UTC


What’s coming in WordPress 5.9

Hosted by Boulder WordPress Meetup

Join us for a lively panel discussion on what’s coming with WordPress 5.9 this coming January 25th, 2022.

11:30 pm UTC


Let’s Fix Your WordPress Site

Hosted by The Toronto WordPress Group

This meetup is a virtual group site clinic. The host(s) are experienced WordPress developers. Meeting attendees are encouraged to contribute to the help fixing an issue or address a challenge someone in the meetup is facing. This is collaborative—we help each other succeed!

Wednesday - January 19, 2022

12:00 am UTC


Creating Posts From RSS Feeds / Tips for collecting email addresses on your site

Hosted by WordPress NYC Meetup Group

The NY City Podcast Network hosts over 600 podcasts, each with 50 to 200 episodes. The website uses a custom plugin to: Read all 600+ podcasts and their RSS feeds; Create WordPress posts for each new episode; All from one click. We will also explore the podcast page template code and various shortcodes that processes over 30 custom fields depending on three membership levels.

12:30 am UTC


Show and Tell: Learn How to Develop WordPress Websites with Divi Pros

Hosted by Divi DFW

Are you ready to discover a tool with near-limitless possibilities? Yes? Then join a supportive environment of Divi professionals, designers, and marketers. (Novices and newcomers welcome!)