WP Live Streams Podcast

The Overview

The WP Live Streams Podcast is a weekly service from the WP Live Streams Directory to showcasing the upcoming events around the WordPress community.

The Format

The format is meant to be quick to digest but still informative with some editorial commentary highlighting some key events that listeners should be aware of.

The podcast also selects one event each week to be the “WP Live Streams Directory Pick of the Week”. This is a very important event that we think the entire WordPress community should take notice of and attend.

Guest Interviews

We’ll be reaching out to hosts of other live streams around the WordPress community to invite them for a quick, 15 minute interview about their experience with live streaming and to share their tips and tricks from behind the scenes.

How To Subscribe

The podcast has been submitted to all major podcast networks and is going through the process of approvals. In the meantime you can listen to the first episode below.